My heroes

What Happened to IvyOver the weekend I read two young adult novels that tackled extremely difficult topics and yet both authors handled the themes brilliantly. I truly admire these two writers for taking on these subjects. It wouldn’t have been easy.

The first book was What Happened to Ivy by Kathy Stinson where she explores ‘mercy-killing’ and the implications of it. She shows the many different ways of looking at the ‘accidental’ death of a girl with multiple disabilities.

The second one was My Book of Life By Angel by Martine Leavitt which looks at child/teen prostitution on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside during the days of Robert Pickton. My Book of Life

Both books deal with grim subjects but are told beautifully and with compassion. They ask the reader to reflect on the dilemmas the characters face, and perhaps see those situations in a new light. They are the kind of books I try to write myself, books that explore those ‘grey’ areas and try to make sense of an aspect of human behaviour that at first glance appears senseless .

These two authors inspire me to dig deep in my own writing, and to not shy away from the ‘tough stuff’. They are my heroes.


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