Hurray! Hibernation is Over!

Rolling in the snow

Rolling in the snow
Photo Credit: Marieke L. van der Velden

Coola and Grinder – the grizzly bears that live at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife – are coming out of hibernation today. I have truly missed seeing them each week and helping care for them as part of my job as Wildlife Volunteer. They have been sleeping for the past 5 months, snug in their bear den at the top of the mountain. I expect they will be much skinnier versions of the bears they were late last fall when we last saw them as they have not had anything to eat or drink since then.

Photo Credit: Marieke L. van der Velden

Wrestling Bears
Photo Credit: Marieke L. van der Velden

Coola and Grinder were orphaned as tiny cubs almost 13 years ago and they would have perished or been destroyed if the Grouse Mountain Resort hadn’t come to their rescue and built the 5.5 acre enclosure where they now live. They will never be reintroduced to the wild as they are too habituated to humans, but their habitat is much the same as their wild cousins and we supplement the food they find in there with carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, salmon and the odd watermelon.

Photo Credit: Marieke L. van der Velden

Sunbathing by the pond
Photo Credit: Marieke L. van der Velden

By having the grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain we have been able to observe their behaviour and have learned a great deal about what can be done for future orphaned cubs. As well, tourists and locals alike have been able to spend time watching them up close and appreciate the importance of protecting the environment for these beautiful creatures.


5 thoughts on “Hurray! Hibernation is Over!

  1. You are so blessed to be living so near to beautiful wild animals on your doorstep so-to-speak – that you can just pop out for a stroll in the park and view these incredible bears. No wonder your an author of books with all these inspirational panoramic views and incredible American wildlife in the “BIG POND”. God bless you! I will have to visit you and get some new ideas for some fresh children’s books, AMEN!!!

      • I have many Italian relations around the lakes of Canada on my mother’s side. Congratulations on the success of your books (FICTION FOR TEENS). have I met you before at a writing retreat in Hertfordshire several years ago – you look familiar?

        Ciao, Dio te benedica, AMEN!

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