The First Review for Allegra is in…

Book reviews…. and it’s pretty good!

Excerpts from Quill & Quire, April 2013…

“Allegra’s anxiousness and love of dance (and, as the book progresses, music) feed into each other, resulting in a character who might have little in common with the average teen, but is deeply sympathetic and interesting. As an examination of mental health troubles, the book is a sophisticated and subtle anomaly in a genre that often places emphasis on the ‘issues’ first and characters second.”

“Hrdlitschka’s prose is clean and clear as she balances Allegra’s school and home life, which includes the dancer’s complicated relationship with her musician parents. Avoiding the one-dimensional depictions often foisted on older generations in YA, Allegra’s mother and father are fully realized, flawed, and believable.”

“You can’t hear the music, but you can feel it in this fresh, engrossing story.”



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