A Season of Symbols

It’s December 1st. The crazy season is upon us.  Each year when I find myself becoming grouchy about all the expectations that the season brings I reread this list of Seasonal Symbols which reminds me of why we do these Christmas-y things and I  feel  grounded once again. The list was written by Harold Rosen, a former minister of the North Shore Unitarian Church and with it he invites us to “look behind the all-too-familiar things, and see the Larger Reality they represent.”

 Season Of Symbols
Gifts – they are more than stuffed boxes covered with shiny paper and ribbons; they are tangible tokens of all those thoughtful things we wanted to ‘do’ for our loved ones and friends, all year long, but never got around to it.
Cards – they are more than donations to Hallmark and overtime pay for the postal service; they are humble hints of the much we’d like to say if only time, emotional strength and eloquence abounded.
Lights – they are more than electrical fire hazards and jobs for the handy-person in our midst; they conquer the darkness of season and soul with a glimpse of celestial splendour.
Carols – they are more than memory-markers and excuses for extra choir rehearsals; they are auditory proof that heaven is nigh, and that the layers of tradition can heal the layers of our pain.
 Angels – they are more than plastic ornaments on trees… they are those whispers we hear just in time, saying “you have what it takes.’ ‘Good deeds can be fun.’ ‘Things pass, but Love abides’ and ‘all will turn out well, despite appearances.’
 Thank you for these reminders, Harold.

2 thoughts on “A Season of Symbols

  1. Hi Shelley, Just checked out your website (love it). I continue to enjoy your writings and am so
    proud of the writer I’ve come to know (we all are) and to call my friend. Happy New Year, Love, The Wilsons

    • Hi Linda! Thanks so much for this lovely message. I hope you received the book I popped in the mail for you. May 2014 is filled with health and many loving connections for the whole Wilson family! Love, Shelley

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