You CAN make a difference in a developing country

Hand Up

Loans that change Lives

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to travel in India, Guatemala and Uganda. Seeing the poverty in these countries, especially in India where tourists are often swarmed by children and adults begging for money, food… anything, is agonizing. It’s hard to know what to do, it’s impossible to help everyone, and you come away feeling  helpless and uncomfortable about all that we take for granted back home. I have sponsored children, helped build schools in developing countries and have given money to various charities knowing that every little bit helps, but more recently I came across Kiva, an organization that uses your money to finance loans to individuals in developing countries. These loans help entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. Sometimes it’s farming, sometimes it’s retail or even maintenance for cars and buildings. These loans are repaid, bit by bit, and you can simply reinvest the money into another individual’s business. Kiva’s webpage is very easy to use and they keep the lenders regularly posted on how quickly the loans are being repaid. You choose the individual you wish to support from the many that are listed and you can read their stories and hear about their goals. I started by investing $100.00, $25.00 each to four entrepreneurs and with the money that I’ve been repaid was able to loan $25.00 to a fifth person. Kiva is a win-win. Highly recommended. Food for thought… “Knowing that someone out there wishes the best for you is enough to give you drive to achieve your dream.” – Sammy, a Kiva borrower in Kenya Kiva


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