How I’m Honouring Canada Day


I won’t be viewing fireworks or waving flags, but I did celebrate Canada Day by making a donation to the David Suzuki Foundation as a tribute to their passion in protecting the Canadian environment.

As well I will:

  • shop locally
  • read a book by a Canadian author
  • hike a local trail
  • and try (this is the hard one for me) to take a greater interest in Canadian politics to determine which party makes environmental concerns a priority.

This week I had the great fortune to explore two new (to me) local trails. On these hikes I saw a deer with her fawn, 2 beaver, a bear, a woodpecker, free range chicken (!), a bald eagle, a brood of baby ducks and numerous other birds. With each of these encounters I knew I was experiencing a ‘Canadian moment’, and marvelled at how all this wildlife can live in such close proximity to the city and still flourish.

The following quote comes from the David Suzuki Foundation, and reflects on personal values and how they can shape the kind of world we live in. I hope you’ll join me in being conscious of where we ‘direct our light.’

“The good news is that values that support a healthy society and sustainable planet — self-respect, concern for others, connection with nature, equality — also make us happiest in the long term. Each one of us is a value prism, subtly bending the light in a particular direction. As Canadians, let’s be conscious of where we direct our light.”

(Written with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Senior Public Engagement Specialist Aryne Sheppard)


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