Wasting water

bucketMy province is experiencing an unprecedented drought this summer. Living in a rainforest, we’ve always taken our water for granted, but now we’re  being asked to find creative ways to reduce our water consumption. Our gardens have withered because of the watering restrictions, our cars remain dirty , but what else can we do?

I discovered one more way to conserve water in my home – collecting the cold shower water.

My shower has to run for a ridiculously long time before the water gets warm enough for me to step in. With our water restrictions in mind, I decided to collect that cold water. I was shocked that it filled an entire pail which I  now use to water my remaining flowers but it makes me squirm to think of how much perfectly clean water I’ve allowed to run down the drain over the years that I’ve lived in this house.

We may groan about having to conserve water this summer, but after seeing first hand the distance people in India and Africa have to walk just to collect water and then carry it home, I am just grateful that water still flows from my taps, and I vow to be more mindful of how I use it.carrying watercarrying water 2

http://inweh.unu.edu/archive/WaterForLife.html (photo credits)


4 thoughts on “Wasting water

  1. I have a matching bucket. It’s blue. 🙂

    My engineer friend down the road has rigged a siphon to get the water from her son’s upstairs bathtub onto the flower beds below.

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