McHappy Eggs!

McDonaldshappy eggThe news today is good. McDonald’s has decided to serve only eggs laid by hens living  in cage-free conditions. This will greatly improve the lives of millions of chickens who, until now, were packed into cages so small they couldn’t walk, spread their wings or engage in natural behaviours. I suspect this move is a result of a shift in the public’s awareness about animal welfare.

cage free hens

cage free or free run hens

free range chickens

free range hens

However, the news could be even better. The best choice is to use only eggs from free range chickens, hens that are free to express natural behaviours while roaming indoors and outdoors. Being cage-free is an improvement in living conditions, but the barns can still be extremely overcrowed will little or no room to move or flap wings.

A friend recently lamented the trouble he had when purchasing eggs. There are so many options – Omega 3, Free Range, Free Run, Organic. What does it all mean?

My advice was to reach for the Free Range Certified Organic ones. It’s just the right thing to do.


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