Finding Meaning in Illness

the-waiting-roomWhen confronted with cancer John Mann – best known as the frontman for the  band Spirit of the West – wrote music to help him describe the horror of the disease, the treatment and the recovery. The songs were poignant, often funny, and classic ‘John Mann’. I’ve listened to the CD many times.

Now the music is being used as the backdrop of a stage play that is currently being performed on Granville Island. Like the music, it fluctuates between being heartfelt and laugh-out-loud funny. The music alone is moving, but having the story brought to life with actors makes for a profound theatre experience.

What a brilliant concept Mann had, taking his most difficult experience, putting it to music in his own unique style, and using that as a vehicle  to question the meaning in life, illness and death. The theatre audience comes away with no real answers, but a deeper understanding of the journey we all face. We are reminded that not one of us knows what tomorrow will bring. All we can do is live each day we are given to the best of our abilities.

Thank you, John Mann, for using your talent to make the the music that helps us explore the questions we all must ask.


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